Musing Mondays #1


Today I’m participating in Musing Mondays, which is hosted by A Daily Rhythm. For this meme, you choose one of the prompts they have listed and you can also answer the week’s bonus question.

The prompt I chose today is: I blogged about ___ this past week.

Since I started my blog this past week, I decided this was a good prompt to start with. I’ve been loving blogging so far and I look forward to posting more throughout this week! 

This week’s bonus question is: Do you prefer hardcover, trade paperback, or mass market paperback? Why?

I prefer hardcover books because of their appearance and durability. However, I think it’s sometimes more comfortable to read a trade paperback book. I don’t care for mass market paperbacks since they’re so tiny and hard to hold!

If you participate in Musing Mondays, feel free to link to your post in the comments! I’d love to see your answers for today’s prompt. Also, what format of book do you prefer? 


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