Top Ten Tuesday | Most Read Authors

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish in which you give ten answers to the topic for the week. To find a list of upcoming topics, go here. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From“. I had a lot of fun looking through my bookshelf and Goodreads to see how many books I’ve read by the same author. The following list shows the authors starting from the most read to the least read. I had to narrow them down and only pick ten!

1. Sara Shepard – 23 books

Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard has written a lot of books – and I’ve read almost all of them. I’ve read 17 books in the Pretty Little Liars series and all 6 books in The Lying Game series. I was in my early teens when I read a majority of the books and I really loved them at the time!

Goodreads links: Pretty Little Liars (Book #1) | The Lying Game (Book #1)

2. Sarah Dessen – 12 books

Sarah Dessen

I’m pretty sure that I’ve read almost every single Sarah Dessen book! I think I started reading Dessen when I was 11 or 12. My best friend and I tore through all her books that were published at that time. We couldn’t get enough! I recently read her newest release this year and I’m so happy to say that I still love her writing! I’ll definitely be reading her future books.

Goodreads links: That Summer | Someone Like You | Keeping the Moon | Dreamland | This Lullaby | The Truth About Forever | Just Listen | Lock and Key | Along for the Ride | What Happened to Goodbye | The Moon and More | Saint Anything

3. J.K. Rowling – 11 books

J.K. Rowling

I have read all 7 books in the Harry Potter series plus the three companion novels: The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I also read her Harvard commencement speech that was put into print form and called Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination.

Goodreads links: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book #1) | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book #2) | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book #3) | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book #4) | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book #5) | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book #6) | Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows (Book #7) | The Tales of Beedle the Bard | Quidditch Through the Ages | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemVery Good Lives

4. Rick Riordan – 10 books

Rick Riordan

I’ve read two complete series by Rick Riordan and I actually just read them this year! I first read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and then read The Heroes of Olympus series. While I really enjoyed PJO, I absolutely loved HoO. I highly recommend these books for people of all ages!

Goodreads links: The Lightning Thief (Book #1) | The Sea of Monsters (Book #2) | The Titan’s Curse (Book #3) | The Battle of the Labyrinth (Book #4) | The Last Olympian (Book #5) | The Lost Hero (Book #1) | The Son of Neptune (Book #2) | The Mark of Athena (Book #3) | The House of Hades (Book #4) | The Blood of Olympus (Book #5)

5. Deb Caletti – 9 books

Deb Caletti

I primarily read these books around the age of 13 or 14 and I really enjoyed them at the time. However, I read one of her more recent books last year and I didn’t really care for it. I guess my reading tastes have changed!

Goodreads links: The Queen of Everything | Honey, Baby, Sweetheart | Wild Roses | The Nature of Jade | The Fortunes of Indigo Skye | The Secret Life of Prince Charming | The Six Rules of Maybe | Stay | The Last Forever

6. Nicholas Sparks – 8 books

I was a big fan of Nicholas Sparks books (and their movies) a few years ago. That being said, I have read quite a few of his books. However, I haven’t seen or read any of his most recent movies or novels. I eventually want to though!

Goodreads links: The Notebook | A Walk to Remember | A Bend in the Road | The Wedding | Dear John | The Lucky One | The Last Song | Safe Haven

7. Jennifer L. Armentrout – 6 books (+1 novella)

Jennifer L. Armentrout

I read the entire Lux series last October and I loved it! It was a super fun series; one I’d like to reread in the future. I also read the novella that is part of this series, Shadows. In addition to that, I read her standalone novel, Don’t Look Back, in October 2014 and enjoyed it as well!

Goodreads links: Obsidian (Book #1) | Onyx (Book #2) | Opal (Book #3) | Origin (Book #4) | Opposition (Book #5) | Shadows (Book #0.5) | Don’t Look Back 

8. Morgan Matson / Katie Finn – 6 books

Morgan Matson

I decided to include Morgan Matson and Katie Finn together since they’re technically the same person (Katie Finn is Morgan Matson’s pen name). I read the Top 8 series by Katie Finn back before Morgan Matson had any books published. I didn’t realize they were the same person until after I read some of Morgan Matson’s books!

Goodreads links: Top 8  (Book #1) | What’s Your Status? (Book #2) | Unfriended (Book #3) | Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour | Second Chance Summer | Since You’ve Been Gone

9. Stephenie Meyer – 5 books

Stephenie Meyer

I read and was obsessed with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga back when I was 12 or so. I went through a stage where I was super into vampires. So of course, I read and watched all the movies. Looking back, the series wasn’t the greatest but I really enjoyed it at the time. In May of 2014 I read Meyer’s adult novel, The Host, which was so much better than Twilight in my opinion. I really, really enjoyed it!

Goodreads links: Twilight (Book #1) | New Moon (Book #2) | Eclipse (Book #3) | Breaking Dawn (Book #4) | The Host

10. Simone Elkeles – 5 books

Simone Elkeles

I read the first two books in the Perfect Chemistry series probably when I was around 13 or 14 and the Leaving Paradise duology around the same time. More recently, I read Better Than Perfect (originally called Wild Cards) and I didn’t like it at all. I guess that’s more evidence towards how much my reading tastes have changed over the years.

Goodreads links: Perfect Chemistry (Book #1) | Rules of Attraction (Book #2) | Leaving Paradise (Book #1) | Return to Paradise (Book #2) | Better Than Perfect

What authors have you read the most books by? Let me know in the comments or link me to your TTT post!


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