November Book Haul


Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a type of post I’ve never done before: a book haul. The reason why I’ve never done a book haul is because I don’t normally buy a lot of books in one month. This month, however, I bought a total of 19 books (which is crazy). BUT, a majority of these books were extremely discounted (cheapest being $1). So I guess it isn’t so bad?



I started off the month strong by ordering all these books from Amazon. While I didn’t get them nearly as cheap as the books in the later portion of this book haul, I definitely got them cheaper than if I had bought them in a bookstore. Before purchasing, I had already read 3 out of the 5 of these books – Scarlet, Cress, and Night Film. I really enjoyed them all and I wanted to own them! I have since read the remaining 2 books.

Library Sale / Dollar Store


I got all six of these books for only $9!! The first five books came from my library’s book sale where paperback books were $1 each and hardcovers were $2 each. MILA 2.0 was from the Dollar Store. I’m so glad I was able to get these books for such a low price!

Book Outlet



I got all 8 of these books for less than $24 including shipping from Book Outlet! I ordered them during Book Outlet’s Black Friday sale, taking advantage of the 30% off. It was an amazing deal!

What books did you acquire this month? Which ones are you most excited to read?


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