December TBR


Last month was the first time I posted a TBR on my blog and I actually did a pretty good job at sticking to it! While I didn’t read all 11 books on the list, I didn’t stray too far. I read 7 of the books on the list and only read 3 additional books that weren’t on there. This month, I’m concentrating on trying to complete my Goodreads challenge. I have 8 books to go until I reach my goal of reading 100 books in 2015. I might be cutting it close because of finals and such this month, but I think I’ll make it!

Six of Crows

This was on last month’s TBR but I didn’t quite get to it. I was planning on reading this book after finishing the Grisha trilogy, but after reading book 2 of the series, I decided to skip the third and go straight into Six of Crows. I wasn’t that impressed with the first two books in the Grisha trilogy but I did enjoy the world. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it in Six of Crows!


These two books were also on my TBR last month. I’m really excited to see how the Kane Chronicles ends! I really enjoyed the first two books in the series and I hope I feel the same about the third! As for The Sword of Summer, I’m looking forward to seeing if the book lives up to all the hype. Seeing as anything Rick writes is fantastic, I’m sure it will!

The House Without a Christmas Tree

This is one of my mom’s favorite books from her childhood and she’s been talking about it for so long that I want to read it too! It’s really short (only about 80 pages) so it will be a quick read. It’s also the perfect book for this time of the year!

Harry Potter Book 1 (Cover 7) Illustrated

I’m asking for this book for Christmas so if I get it, I’ll definitely be reading it this month! I’ve seen the book at Target and it’s so gorgeous – I would love to own it!

Frozen Tides

This book is also on my Christmas wishlist, but even if I don’t get it as a present, I’ll definitely be purchasing it. It’s coming out December 15th and I can’t wait! I loved the third book in the series so I’m excited to see what happens next!


  • You by Caroline Kepnes (You #1)

I received this book as an ebook last month (I think) but I didn’t get around to reading it yet. This book has such a creepy premise but it sounds really good! I hope I’m able to read it this month.

Heir of Fire

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to read this book this month but I’m putting it on the list anyway. I really need to continue on with this series! I reread the first book and read the second in August and I had planned on reading Heir of Fire, but it didn’t happen. Now that the fourth book’s out, I really need to get moving!

What books do you plan on reading this month? Comment below or link me to your TBR post!


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