Blogging Event: Top 10 of 2015


Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post to spread the word about an awesome event that I’m participating in next week. Top 10 of 2015 is a five day event running from Monday December 21st to Friday, December 25th. Each day, there is a different Top 10 topic that you make a post about. The hosts are: Rachel @ Fiktshun, Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books, Mindy @ Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, and Nancy @ Tales of a Ravenous Reader.

In addition to the topics, there are also going to be giveaways! Currently the hosts have one going on for everyone who signs up for the event by December 20th. If you win, you’ll receive 12 books (including some 2016 ARCs)!

For additional info, click here for the official announcement post

The Topics:

Day One – Monday, December 21st: Best Books I’ve Read in 2015

Day Two – Tuesday, December 22nd: Best Book Covers of 2015

Day Three – Wednesday, December 23rd: Best ___ of 2015 (Reader’s/Blogger’s choice)

Day Four – Thursday, December 24th: Best Book Boyfriends of 2015

Day Five – Friday, December 25th: Top 10 Books I’m Looking Forward to in 2016

Will you be participating? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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