2017 Reading & Blogging Goals


Hi everyone! I’m here today to share with you some of my reading and blogging goals for the year! At the beginning of last year I made a similar post and at the end of 2016 I reflected on how I did with those goals. Since I didn’t quite complete everything I wanted to in 2016, I really hope I’m able to complete all of my goals in 2017! This post is going up WAY later than I wanted it to, but I still wanted to publish it anyway.

My Reading/Book-Related Goals

1. Read 75 books

My first goal of the year is to read a total of 75 books. If I were really trying to push myself, I’d say I wanted to read more but I’m trying to be somewhat realistic. Last year, I had an original goal of 80 which I lowered a few months into the year to 70. Even then, I still didn’t complete my goal. I hope it’s different this year!

2. Complete all reading challenges I’ve signed up for

This is another goal that I also had last year and failed miserably at. I didn’t end up completely ANY of the five reading challenges I signed up for! This year, I’m participating in five reading challenges (four are the same as last year and one is a new one). This year I made more realistic goals for the ones I could set for myself. Hopefully that will allow me to finally complete this goal!

3. Read more diverse/#ownvoices books

I learned a lot in 2016, including how important it is to read and support diverse books, especially those by marginalized authors. In 2017 I’m making the conscience decision to read more diversely. There are several diverse and #ownvoices books already on my TBR but I would love to hear any and all recommendations you may have!

4. Reduce the size of my physical TBR

One of the reading challenges I’m participating in, Beat the Backlist, is all about reading books that were published before 2017. Since the majority of the books on my shelves were published before this year, I would love to read a good chunk of them this year for this challenge. The challenge doesn’t specifically mention that you have to have owned the book beforehand so I think it will help shrink my physical TBR a bit if I do it this way!

5. Keep utilizing the library

While attempting to reduce the scale of my current physical TBR, I don’t want to add too many books to it either. My plan is to attempt to buy less books than I did last year. This is where the library comes in handy! By utilizing my local library, I’ll be able to read books I don’t own without spending any money. So not only will I be supporting my local library, but I’ll also be able to continue scaling down my physical TBR while keeping a handle on my wallet!

My Blogging Goals

1. Post on a more consistent basis

This past year I wasn’t very consistent with my posts. I had school and illness to blame for some of it, but other times I was just being lazy. This year I want to post more often and on a more regular basis!

2. Visit other blogs/comment more

I seriously don’t do enough of this!! I love interacting with people in the book community but for some reason, I don’t set the time aside to read posts and comment. This year I hope to change that!

3. Post more reviews

I think this is going to be a goal of mine for years to come! I seriously do not write enough reviews. Reviews are a huge part of book blogging and I’m just really slacking in this area. This year I hope to become more confident in writing reviews and write them on a consistent basis!

Do you have any reading/blog-related goals for the year? Let me know what some of them are in the comments below! 


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