March Wrap Up

March Wrap Up 2017

Hi everyone! Wow, I can’t believe another month has come to a close. I feel like 2017 is really flying by! March was a pretty decent month in terms of reading for me. I ended up reading 6 books and a total of 2,710 pages (which includes the pages I read of the book I put on hold). While I wish I read more this month, I did end up enjoying most of the books I did read!

Books Read in March

Last 3 reads (135)

The first book I finished this month, Wires and Nerve, was actually a graphic novel! I had been looking forward to reading this book since it was first announced. I’m not a huge graphic novel reader but since this story was taking place in the Lunar Chronicles world with Iko (one of my favorite characters from the series) as the main character I just knew I had to read it! Unfortunately, I was a bit underwhelmed by the graphic novel. I wasn’t a huge fan of the art style – it was pretty dull and some of the characters weren’t depicted as well as I hoped they’d be. However, I did still enjoy being back with these characters and I’m interested to see where the story goes next!

The next book I finished was A Gathering of Shadows which I started in February. This was my second time reading this book and I enjoyed it even more than the first time! I ended up slightly raising my rating from 4.25 stars to 4.5 stars! After finishing my reread of A Gathering of Shadows, I continued on with the series finale, A Conjuring of Light. I absolutely loved this book!! It was so amazing, intense, and impossible to put down! This book was such a wonderful conclusion to the series – I couldn’t have asked for more! Well, I wouldn’t say no to more books in these worlds/with these characters…

Last 3 reads (138)

The next book I read was The Dark Days Club and it was enjoyable! I had some issues with it – mostly the fact that I felt pretty indifferent towards the characters. The story was still interesting though so I’m planning on continuing with the series.

Next, I read The Hate U Give which will definitely be appearing on my favorite books of 2017 list at the end of the year! The Hate U Give deserves every bit of hype it’s been getting. It’s so, so, SO good and important and wonderful and all the positive adjectives you can think of. I have a hard time forming words when talking about this book because I loved it that much. Pick up The Hate U Give as soon as possible and read, read, read!!

Lastly, I read You’re Welcome, Universe which was unfortunately my least favorite book I’ve read so far this year. I started off thinking the book was just okay but then it got worse and worse as it went along. My main issue was with the main character, Julia. She was extremely rude and self-centered and became even more so as the book went on. She ends up apologizing for her words and actions but I don’t think she should have been forgiven as easily as she was. Even though I wanted to quit reading several times, I managed to push through and finish the book. My main motivation was the fact that I was behind on my Goodreads challenge! I ended up giving this book an extra half star only because I enjoyed reading about a Deaf character and I liked the ASL aspects.

Book I Put On Hold in March


The reason why I decided to put this book on hold was because I just wasn’t in the right mindset at the time I was trying to read it. The main character has an anxiety disorder and I myself was feeling super anxious (for unrelated reasons) and reading the book was just making things worse for me. I definitely want to give it another go at a time when I’m not feeling as anxious because I think I will really benefit from reading this book!

Reading Challenge Progress

This year I’m participating in 5 reading challenges! To track my progress, I have a page on my blog but I would also like to share my progress with you all. That being said, my monthly wrap ups will all include updates on my progress. For more information on the reading challenges mentioned below, click here.

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read 75 books

Completed in March: 6 books

Completed in 2017: 16 books

2. Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read 25 backlist books

Completed in March: 1 book

Completed in 2017: 6 books

3. Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read 25 fantasy books

Completed in March: 3 books

Completed in 2017: 11 books

4. Library Love Challenge


My Goal: Read 12 library books

Completed in March: 2 books

Completed in 2017: 6 books

5. Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read a book for each letter of the alphabet (The words “The” and “A” can be skipped; the first word after that will be counted)

Completed in March: 4 letters

Completed in 2017: 12 letters

Was March a good reading month for you? How many books were you able to complete? Let me know in the comments and/or link me to your monthly wrap up. I would love to see what you read this past month!


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