Top Ten Tuesday | Things That Will Instantly Make Me Not Want to Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish in which you give ten answers to the topic for the week. To find a list of upcoming topics, go here. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book.” As always, the following list is in no particular order. I just jotted them down as they came into my head!

1. If I hear that the book is harmful or problematic from other readers/reviewers

I can’t count how many times (especially within the last few months) that I’ve heard from people in the book community (mostly on Twitter) that a book is racist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise harmful to marginalized people. Every time I hear that, I immediately take the book off my TBR on Goodreads (if it was on there to begin with). I have absolutely no interest in supporting books that are causing harm to any person or group of people.

2. If the book was written by an author whose previous book(s) I really didn’t like

While I do like to give second chances to authors occasionally, sometimes I just dislike a book so much that I can’t possibly consider reading another book by that same author. Other times, I’ve already given an author a second chance and STILL didn’t care for their books so I’m definitely not giving them a third chance!

3. If the book features an overused trope and/or a trope I’m not a fan of

This one is pretty self explanatory! If I’m not a fan of a trope and/or I’m tired of reading a particular trope, why would I want to read a book that has that trope?

4. If the book has vampires or werewolves in it

I went through this phase in middle school where all I wanted to read were vampire/werewolf novels. Since then, I really have no interest in reading about those creatures. So if I hear a book features either or both of them, I’m going to have zero interest in picking it up – even if I hear the book is fantastic! I just know I probably won’t end up enjoying it.

5. If the book basically has no plot and the sole focus is on a romantic relationship

Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy when there’s a bit of romance in books! I’d just rather it be a smaller part of the story rather than the sole focus. I guess I just enjoy reading about action, adventure, and great friendships more than reading about a character who professes their love to a person they met a week ago. Now, slow-burn romances are usually a solid yes from me! Other than that, I’m not usually a fan.

6. If the author of the book has repeatedly said/done hurtful things in the past

I know that sometimes people can separate the art from the artist, but most of the time it’s really hard for me to do that. Authors that are extremely problematic outside of their writing most likely will share their harmful rhetoric in their books (either intentionally or unintentionally) and that’s something I really don’t want to read.

7. If I hear that a series goes downhill after the first book

In the past, I have definitely passed on a series after hearing that the rest of the series doesn’t live up to the first book. Why should I waste my time reading a series that turns out to be mediocre or even terrible? I’d rather spend my time reading great series instead!

8. If the book is part of a series that may never be completed

This one doesn’t need too much of an explanation. I don’t want to start an uncompleted series that may never be finished!! What if I fall in love with the characters and need more?? What if there’s a major cliffhanger and I never get the answers I need?? I really don’t want to experience that terrible pain!

9. If a fantasy book is less than 300 pages in length

I just feel that for a fantasy book to be good, it can’t be super short. Especially if it’s a standalone and not part of a series! In less than 300 pages, there isn’t enough time to get a sense of the world and the characters. Due to the lack of pages, a book’s world and characters may end up being severely underdeveloped. Since I personally love fantasy books with vivid world-building and fleshed out characters, I think fantasy books should be no shorter than 350 pages.

10. If the book is in a genre I’m not a fan of

This is a pretty simple one. If I know I won’t like a certain genre or if I really disliked reading the genre in the past, I’m not going to want to read a book from that genre. Period. Some genres I know I won’t want to read include non-fiction, erotica, and religious books.

Are there certain things that will instantly make you not want to read a book? Let me know in the comments or link me to your TTT post!

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