April Wrap Up

April Wrap Up 2017

Hi everyone! I can’t believe that it’s already May! Just like I said in my last wrap up, it feels like this year is really flying by! Unfortunately, I didn’t end up reading as much as I wanted to in April. I don’t know what happened! I only ended up finishing 4 books and a total of 1,756 pages (which includes the pages I read of the book I DNF’d).

Books Read in April


The first book I read, The Dark Days Pact, is the sequel to The Dark Days Club which I read in March. While I wasn’t crazy about the first book in the series, I still was interested enough in the story to want to continue on. When my hold of The Dark Days Pact came in at the library, I brought it home and I believe I started reading it either that day or the next day. Overall, I enjoyed The Dark Days Pact a lot more than The Dark Days Club! It drew me in immediately and kept me entertained pretty much the whole way through. While I’m still not 100% thrilled about some of the characters, I do like them a lot more than I did in the first book. I can’t wait to see how this series wraps up!

After going almost two weeks without finishing a book, I finally found a book that I was interested in reading – Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. “Interested” is a bit of an understatement considering I flew through this almost 500 page book in about 7 hours! As you can probably tell by my rating and how quickly I read it, I really enjoyed Radio Silence! For more of my thoughts, check out my review (linked above)!


After DNF’ing a book (see below), I decided to pick up a book I had bought pretty recently – Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. While I wasn’t completely blown away by this book, I still enjoyed it overall and I’m definitely planning to read the next book in the series when it comes out!

The last book I ended up finishing in April was actually a reread for me. I first read The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine in January of 2016 and I really enjoyed it! This time around, I enjoyed it just as much! The reason why I decided to reread it was because its sequel/companion novel, The Cursed Queen, has been on my bookshelf for a couple months now and I’ve wanted to read it but I first needed a refresher on the first book. If you want to read more of my thoughts about this book, check out my original review from last year!

Book I DNF’d in April

First & Then

I only read 76 pages of this book before deciding to DNF it. I don’t know if it was just me, but I thought this book was very boring. Maybe I’ll try picking it back up sometime in the future but I’m not in a big hurry to do so!

Reading Challenge Progress

This year I’m participating in 5 reading challenges! To track my progress, I have a page on my blog but I would also like to share my progress with you all. That being said, my monthly wrap ups will all include updates on my progress. For more information on the reading challenges mentioned below, click here.

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read 75 books

Completed in April: 4 books

Completed in 2017: 20 books

2. Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read 25 backlist books

Completed in April: 1 book

Completed in 2017: 7 books

3. Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read 25 fantasy books

Completed in April: 3 books

Completed in 2017: 14 books

4. Library Love Challenge


My Goal: Read 12 library books

Completed in April: 2 books

Completed in 2017: 8 books

5. Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge


My Goal: Read a book for each letter of the alphabet (The words “The” and “A” can be skipped; the first word after that will be counted)

Completed in April: 1 letter

Completed in 2017: 13 letters

Was April a good reading month for you? How many books were you able to complete? Let me know in the comments and/or link me to your monthly wrap up. I would love to see what you read this past month!

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