Let’s Talk About Asexuality | Day 5: Resources, A Poem, & Closing Thoughts

Day 5 Header

Hello everyone and welcome to the fifth and final day of Let’s Talk About Asexuality – my five day blog series surrounding the topic of asexuality! I’ve had such a great time sharing these blog posts with you all throughout the week. If you missed the past posts, here are the links so you can go check them out: Day 1’s post | Day 2’s post | Day 3’s post | Day 4’s post

On this last day of my blog series, I wanted to wrap it up by sharing some asexuality-related resources with you all! These resources include websites, book character lists, videos, and more. This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you know of any resources that helped you or someone you know, let me know what they are in the comments and I’ll add them to the post! Following the resources, I’m going to be sharing a wonderful poem called “Ace of Spades” written by (and sent to me by) Abby Pickus. Lastly, I’ll share my closing thoughts for the blog series.




Youtube Videos:

Twitter Threads:


Ace of Spades

Ace of Hearts 1

Ace of Hearts 1.1

Ace of Hearts 1.2

Ace of Hearts 1.3

Closing Thoughts

Thank you all so much for joining me this week to help raise awareness of asexuality, support those on the ace-spectrum, and hear about all the diverse experiences ace-spec people have. I hope that this blog series was able to help at least one person – even more would be icing on the cake!

If you have any further questions that my blog series didn’t answer or that you couldn’t discover by browsing the above resources, feel free to ask me! You can comment below, use my contact form, or DM me on Twitter (@brookesbookss). I’m always happy to talk!

If you learned something from this blog series and/or enjoyed it and would like to support me, please consider “buying me a coffee” via Ko-fi by clicking on the image below. 


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