2017 Goals Reflection

2017 Goals Reflection

Hello everyone and Happy New Year’s Eve! Every year I enjoy making reading/blogging goals and then looking back at the end of the year and seeing how well I did at sticking to them. Today, I’m here with another one of those reflection posts. I hope you enjoy it!

My Reading/Book-Related Goals

1. Read 75 books

I completed this!! I ended up reading a total of 78 books! Partway through the year I was really behind on this goal on Goodreads so I decided to lower it to 70. I’m so glad I not only surpassed 70, but my original goal as well!

2. Complete all reading challenges I’ve signed up for

I did this one as well!! I’m so happy I completed all 5 reading challenges I signed up for. Check out my 2017 Reading Challenges Wrap Up post for more!

3. Read more diverse/#ownvoices books

I definitely improved on this one! In 2016, only about 25% of the books I read were diverse. This year, 65% of the books I read were diverse and many of them were #ownvoices books. I really, really loved reading more diversely! I love reading about all types of people and learning about their experiences, cultures, and lives. In 2018, I hope at least 75% (or more!) of the books I read are diverse ones.

4. Reduce the size of my physical TBR

I think I did pretty good at this one! I didn’t buy a lot of books (I couldn’t afford to) and I did read quite a few of my own books. I’ll mark this as a success!

5. Keep utilizing the library

I most definitely did this! 41 of the books I read this year were from the library. I love my local library because it really helps me out when I can’t afford to buy books. I plan on using the library just as much in 2018!

My Blogging Goals

1. Post on a more consistent basis

Well… I don’t know if I really completed this. I had a few months where I actually made up a blogging schedule and stuck to it, but other than that it was pretty sporadic. Hopefully I do better next year!

2. Visit other blogs/comment more

I definitely failed at this one. I was absolutely horrible when it came to this and I’m quite disappointed in myself. I truly hope I do better in 2018!

3. Post more reviews

HA. Nope. Another failure. I just don’t really like writing reviews. Even when I have a lot of opinions about a book, I struggle to put my feelings into words. So I’m not even that upset at myself about failing at this. I just need to accept that writing reviews for all or most of the books I read is just not going to happen.

Wow, I’m so happy I completed most of 2017 goals! How did you do with your goals this year (if you made any)? Let me know in the comments and/or link me to your post on the topic!

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