2018 Reading & Blogging Goals

2018 Reading & Blogging Goals

Hello everyone! Again, welcome to 2018. Each year, the new year always brings new goals people would like to accomplish. In 2017, I did pretty well at completing the goals I set for myself. I hope I will continue to be as successful in 2018! Below are all the reading and blogging goals I would like to accomplish this year.

My Reading Goals:

1. Read 100 books

While I set my official goal of 50 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge, I really hope to be able to read 100 books this year. I’m not going to be too upset with myself if I don’t complete this goal but I’m going to try really hard to succeed!

2. Complete all the reading challenges I signed up for

Last year I made this same goal and I ended up completing it! I really hope I’m able to do the same this year. I’m participating in 4 different reading challenges, one of which I created. For more on those reading challenges, check out my blog post!

3. Read at least 75% diverse books

Last year I made the goal of reading more diversely and I definitely succeeded! I went from reading 25% diverse books in 2016 to 65% diverse books in 2017! In 2018, I want to read even more diversely. I hope that at least 75% of the books I read this year are diverse. It’d be a bonus if most of them are #ownvoices!

4. Participate in at least two readathons

I absolutely love readathons! I only participated in one in 2017 (the Booktube-A-Thon) and I would love to participate in even more in 2018! If you know of any fun readathons happening this year, feel free to let me know about them!

My Blogging Goals:

1. Post more consistently

I had this goal in 2017 but unfortunately, apart from a few months, I didn’t do so well at this. My mental health was a huge barrier for me last year. I hope to be able to push through and post more often/on a more consistent basis this year!

2. Read more blog posts

As much as I love writing blog posts, I don’t always set aside the time to read others’ posts as often as I should. I end up spending too much of my free time scrolling aimlessly through Twitter. Instead of doing that all the time, I hope to read more blog posts in 2018.

3. Comment more

Along with reading more blog posts, I would like to be able to leave more thoughtful comments on others’ posts. I love when people leave comments on my posts! It’s such a great thing when someone else enjoys/appreciates all the hard work and time I’ve put into a post. I would love to spread this joy to other bloggers!

4. Post more discussion posts or blog series

In 2017 I published a blog series I’m truly proud of: Let’s Talk About Asexuality. I spent a long time turning an idea into a 5 day series featuring other ace-spectrum bookish people. I would love to do something similar to this in 2018 and/or smaller, thoughtful discussion posts!

Well, there are all my reading and blogging goals for the year! I truly hope I’m able to accomplish them all. Have you set any goals for 2018? Let me know down in the comments and/or link me to your blog post on the topic!

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