My First Book Signing | Illuminae Book Tour


On Friday, November 13th I attended my first ever book event! I was lucky enough to meet Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, the authors of one of my favorite books of the year, Illuminae. This was my first time meeting an author and it was such a great experience! My friend and I traveled almost two hours to get to the Barnes & Noble where the event was being held at and it was so worth it!

The event itself lasted about two hours and was moderated by Claire Legrand, author of several books including Winterspell and the upcoming release Some Kind of Happiness. There was a Q&A featuring questions from both Claire and attendees. I wish I had recorded this part because it was super interesting to hear about the writing process for Illuminae and also learning more about the authors themselves!

The Signing


Though the Q&A was super great, I have to be honest – the signing was my favorite part. It was such a pleasure meeting Jay and Amie! They were so nice and took the time to have a conversation with each person who came up. They were so easy to talk to and funny as well!


Pictured above is my copy of Illuminae signed by both Amie and Jay. In addition, Jay wrote, “For Brooke – Fight like a girl!” I also had Amie, Jay, and Claire sign my tote bag that is designed to look like an old library card (picture of the full bag here). My idea is that I’m going to have all authors I meet sign the tote bag. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I definitely think this is a fun way to collect autographs!

Overall, my first book signing experience was an amazing one. It will definitely be a memory I cherish for years to come!